The most advanced search engine placement service currently in operation globally. Bar none.

Welcome to a NEW EXPERIENCE, riding the Google Tide.  When you achieve top results on search engines the ROI is almost to good to be true.  In fact, most users of our system have been amazed at the increase in business in just a few short weeks, sometimes days!  Our unique tried and true method of PUSHING any and all web-estates, to the top of ALL major indexes and hundreds of others is unrivaled anywhere on the web!

We are the ORIGINAL…


We include a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

So you know nothing about GOOMA, nothing about this search stuff and certainly nothing about META. So what’s it all mean? Simple. Let us explain to you the basics of GOOMA and the reality of why webmasters need Gooma.

GOOMA is a FULL SERVICE ISP (Internet Service Provider) we offer several tiers of service.

From Hosting your website (Like GoDaddy) design and development of your web presence be it a website, webpage, blog or app and much much more.

Search Engines.

A search engine is nothing more than a machine with lots of information on businesses, websites, etc. Your search question is entered into the machine (Google, Yahoo, Aol, MSN, etc
etc.) and the machine performs a series of self examinations to determine if there are local answers to the question(s) presented Local meaning inside the machine itself. If there is a match or “answer” it is displayed among other “results” seemingly the top results get the most

META, Meta, meta…., what the heck is it? META is a simple string of command lines that WILL effect a positive reaction to the search engines if written correctly. The META determines where you want your website to be found “among” the other millions, perhaps billions of pages listed on the internet today.

Why Gooma Push ™.?

Gooma Push is a proprietary software development that will change your Internet World!


Push your weight around….with GOOMA PUSH ™.

gooma.com a subsidary of emeraldway ™.



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